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The Dolomites: a mountain holiday haven

Imagine endless hiking trails, perfectly maintained ski slopes and majestic peaks in an idyllic natural setting. No matter in which season you visit the Bellevue Park Hotel in Toblach/Dobbiaco, you’ll never be disappointed!

With their picturesque mountain pastures and towering peaks, newcomers to the legendary Dolomites will immediately appreciate what these idyllic "Pale Mountains" have to offer. There are numerous outdoor activity options that attract mountaineers, winter sports enthusiasts, as well as nature lovers and leisurely tourists in search of peace and tranquillity. In the warmer months, hiking and mountain biking along the mountain trails. In winter, all kinds of visitors come for the snow-covered slopes, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Slowing down

Holidays in Hochpustertal valley mean slowing down from the everyday pace and finding peace in virtually untouched natural surroundings dominated by one-of-a-kind mountain ranges.

Hochpustertal Toblach Family holidays

Iconic Dolomites

In 2009, the iconic Dolomites in South Tyrol attained UNESCO World Heritage status. Some of its most spectacular beauty spots lie within striking distance of the Park Hotel Bellevue. The famous Three Peaks are today a symbol for the entire holiday region.

UNESCO World Heritage

Water Adventure

Besides the iconic Three Peaks, symbolising the Toblach holiday region, the Toblacher See Lake and the widely renowned Pragser Wildsee Lake set in the mountains are significant tourist attractions. At sunset, the pale Dolomitic rockfaces take on a spectacular pink glow before fading into darkness.

Braies Lake