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Bellevue philosophy of a good wine

A certified sommelier, Andreas has the privilege of living his passion in his work. In composing Bellevue’s wine list he has given special preference to small, less well-known wineries. Here in the wine district of South Tyrol, you will discover familiar domestic varieties but also top wines from Italy and other countries as well as even rare varieties.

The drops finding the most favour during your holidays can be acquired at a special price and safely stowed in your baggage for later enjoyment at home.

Getting a taste

Guests at Bellevue keenly look forward to weekly wine tastings, for which Andreas lures them to what he jokingly refers to as his ‘living room’ – the wine cellar. Here both wine connoisseurs and interested laypeople enjoy a convivial evening on a tour through the world of wine.

Wine tastings
Wine lovers are good looking, intelligent, sexy and healthy.
Hugh Johnson (English wine expert)