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Skiing down the slopes in the UNESCO World Heritage Site

The rustic huts found near the ski runs just a short distance away from the hotel, are typical landmarks along the ski circuit. Under the heading, "Three Peaks Dolomites", it covers slopes totalling about 110 km extending across five skking summits: Helm, Stiergarten, Kreuzberg Pass, Rotwand and Haunold. All are connected by slopes and ski lifts.

Skiing through the snow-covered winter landscape on the "Giro delle Cime" helps one get a better feel of this unique part of the eastern Dolomites. One quickly realises that wasn’t without good reason that the Dolomites became listed as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. And each mountain has its own distinctive features, such as: night skiing on the Haunold to the Girardelli slope on the Kreuzberg Pass, or the giant snowmen and reindeers on the Rotwand.

During your skiing holiday at the Park Hotel Bellevue, you get to discover the Dolomites for yourself. Around the Three Peaks Dolomites, there is the peace and quiet one needs for unobstructed exploration. Despite the magnificent panoramas, sun-kissed and diverse slopes catering to skiers of all ages and ability levels, the area is fortunately not overcrowded. This permits full enjoyment of some of the best ski facilities around.